After numerous years dealing with Vertigo issues, I finally found help. Linda Frost is the first therapist who basically alleviated my Vertigo problems. Her knowledge and expertise in the Lymphatic Drainage field, coupled with her professional and genuine caring for her patients, have given me my life back “Vertigo free”.

George G.

I have been a patient of Linda’s for 3 years. I have found her to be extremely professional and of vital importance to improving my condition of lymphedema caused by inflammation. I was skeptical before our first meeting as to whether the treatments would help. I’ve found them to be extremely beneficial in ridding my body of toxins and therefore improving my overall condition and feeling better. Linda is very thorough. She takes notes and follows what is happening with your health before she proceeds with the treatment she feels is best for you that session. Linda has a great deal of training in various treatments including CranioSacral, something you don’t find in other practitioners. I am extremely grateful to my doctor for recommending Linda to me.

Kay N.

I highly recommend Ms. Linda Frost, an established practitioner of Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy in Tucson. I have been having weekly treatment sessions from her for several years to manage my lymphedema, secondary to several surgical procedures. For many patients this is an ongoing challenge, for others it is manageable short-term. Linda is well-trained and educated in her field, keeping up with the most current lymphatic techniques and information. She is personable and professional, maintaining a clean office and following protocols to provide a healthy environment, especially for those who have sensitivity issues with chemicals, fragrances and environmental triggers. She does not sell anything, there is no pressure to seek her services at particular intervals. Linda will make recommendations carefully, offering reasonable and practical suggestions. I respect her as a person and a healing professional. She is a lovely individual who is responsive to the needs of her clients.

Vicki A.

I have been a client of Linda Frost since the fall of 2013. In that time my health has improved and changed drastically. The swelling in my legs and feet have been reduced to normal size. My blood disorder (Myelodysplasia) has gone into remission. My Echo exams have stabilized. My Hematologist, Cardiologist, Renal and General Practitioner physicians can hardly believe my improvement. Having regular appointments with Linda has proven to have made major changes in my life. I strongly recommend Linda and her gentle lymphatic drainage treatments.

Nancy R.

I started treatment with Linda months ago while recovering from being hit by a truck in 2012. As a result of this accident, amongst many other serious injuries, I ended up with a blood clot in my calf. I asked several doctors if there was anything they could do to treat the tightness in my calf. They would make note in their files and tell me “I’ll see you at the next appointment”. They never would treat my calf. I have had several appointments with Linda over the past months. Her Lymph Drainage treatments have been fantastic, very supportive and helpful in my recovery and healing process. The swelling has been reduced and my sizable scars are much softer and less discolored. I am amazed by her skills, talent and how well her treatment has helped with my recovery.

Terry A.

Last year I had a recurrence of Lymphedema in my foot that had been in remission for several years. My physician referred me to a local lymphedema clinic; they were unable to see me for two months! I was in a great deal of pain and unable to get out of bed due to the pain and knew that elevation of my leg had helped a bit in the past. I didn’t know what to do until a friend suggested I call Linda. Linda was compassionate, although very busy, she placed me on a cancellation list and was able to see me in a couple of weeks. My foot wasn’t quite the size of a football but it was hard to the touch, red and hot. At my first session, she thoroughly explained her lymph drainage technique and then very gently began my treatment. I began to have some pain relief and the swelling decreased almost immediately. I saw Linda weekly for a while and the results were miraculous. At the start of each appointment, she would evaluate my success and update my health records. I really appreciated her professionalism and thoroughness. I began to have less and less swelling and pain which meant I could wear boots and dress shoes again. We scaled back on my visits and now I only require a monthly maintenance visit! Today I suffer minimal swelling and pain but know that Linda is simply a call away. It’s a relief knowing that she’ll work her magic on me as soon as possible! By the way, I did keep my original appointment with the local Lymphedema clinic. That place belongs in the dark ages! I’m grateful that I found Linda, a professional with healing skills that continue to keep me on a healthy path today.

Debbie F.

I have referred patients to Linda over the past several years. The results have always been positive. A number of patients have had reconstruction and have developed Lymphedema as a result of breast cancer and surgery. These patients reported relief from pain and the edema due to the Lymph Drainage therapy treatments. I am confident in Linda’s talent and continue to refer my patients to her.

Mary Ackerley, M.D., M.D.H.

I started working with Linda over ten years ago, after my ankle reconstruction surgery. The work she performed has allowed me a greater range of motion and pain-free movement. I find Linda to be professional, knowledgeable and informative. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reduce and improve their surgical recovery time. I am on a maintenance schedule with her to alleviate neck, shoulder and hand issues, which are commonly found in my line of work.

Robert Brei, D.D.S.

After receiving my diagnosis of breast cancer, I decided to take an active role in my own care. I discovered Linda and her approach to Lymphedema management. She has worked with me through my entire cancer journey; from prior to my first surgery through breast reconstruction. Not only has her care effectively managed any signs of Lymphedema, but her compassion and genuine interest in my full recovery has been invaluable. Linda provided me with self-care techniques that I used during my recovery and will continue to use throughout my life. My work with Linda has been empowering, a key part of my recovery and my return to normal life.

Laurie M.

I am a breast cancer survivor who has had breast reconstruction. Linda explained and performed Lymph Drainage Treatments with me after my original surgery and throughout my reconstruction process. I was relieved and pleasantly surprised to have minimal pain or adhesions and scaring. I healed remarkably quickly. The treatments were comfortable and allowed me to get back to my regular routine quickly.

Pamela B.

I discovered Linda several years after my breast reduction surgery. She explained the lymphatic system, her technique & answered all my questions and concerns. There had been numbness, swelling, thickness and discomfort along my scars for years. The gentle therapy she used took away my discomfort! The areas of scaring I was concerned about are almost nonexistent and my range of motion in my shoulders has improved. I would recommend her therapy to anyone planning on having surgery.

Marg D.

I was referred to Linda by my Physician for treatment of my aching/burning varicose veins and swelling in my legs. Since receiving Lymphatic therapy I have seen dramatic improvement in my symptoms. I have also had extremely swollen lymph nodes in my armpits for most of my adult life. The treatments have virtually eliminated this swelling and discomfort. I no longer have to live with this uncomfortable condition… I have normal armpits! This therapy has been extremely beneficial in treating my specific symptoms, as well as providing an improved feeling of health and well being.

Tina V.

I have been dealing with the auto-immune disease of Psoriatic Arthritis and its physical effects for over 30 years. Since receiving Lymphatic treatments I have seen remarkable and documentable positive changes. I have improved range of motion in all my joints, including my bilateral knee and hip replacements over the years. I have had marked reduction in the psoriatic skin patches as well. I have seen at least an 80% improvement in my overall health. This can be directly attributed to the work that Linda has done with me.